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Posted by sidda on February 16, 2021 at 3:15 PM

     - 10:10am february 13, 2021 meeting called to order by hendrick

     - pledge of allegiance & 4H pledge lead by seri jane

     - secretary report by lina: january general meeting notes

     - treasurer’s report by heather: nothing to report

     - officer report by sidda: any 4H activity pics send to sidda.kim@gmail.com

     - leadership project check in with seri jane

     - hendrick shared jamboard for club name change brainstorm

     - D&D project check in with hendrick

     - small business project check in with sidda


     - financial discussion: heather brings up option to either raise $1,500 or find another bank

     - majority prefer option 2


     - hendrick talked about LA county field day

     - hosting discussion: should we host the March party?

     - in person meetings are okay now

     - meeting adjourned by hendrick at 10:54am


     - led by sequoia: cupcake & cake drawing activity



Posted by sidda on January 10, 2021 at 7:45 PM

-   10:02 AM January 9, 2021 meeting called to order by Club President Hendrick

-   pledge of allegiance lead by VP Seri Jane

-   4H pledge

-   financial report by Treasurer Heather (any suggestions or ideas of fundraisers we could hold, please contact altadena4h@gmail.com)

-   summary of holiday party by Marketing Officer Sidda (click this link to view blog post https://www.altadena4h.com/apps/blog/show/49594596-holiday-party-)

-   recreation activity (sticker story) led by Recreation Leader Sequoia

-   program: discussed 1st rabbit meeting led by Heather and watched types of rabbits video

-   reminder about when projects begin

-   meeting adjourned


Posted by sidda on December 15, 2020 at 12:15 AM

       On December 12, Altadena Foothills 4H hosted a district wide holiday party. It was a blast! Some people wore their festive santa hats and others wore their ugly christmas sweaters. We started the party off with a bingo game lead by Keira. Then we played a kahoot game that included a bunch of holiday trivia questions, lead by our NEW recreation leader, Sequoia! After that, we played a game called "The Mystery Box" where Lina, our club secretery, held up a bag with a mystery item inside. After asking around 20 questions, we came to the conclusion that it was a Santa hat. Then, we had our holiday treat show off. I made a peppermint hot chocolate mug cake, Sequoia baked a yule log swiss roll cake with fondant decorations, Emma + Evangeline made toffee crunch, Amber + Ellie baked cookies, and Seri Jane made brownie bites. We also watched a quick holiday video. Here's the link, check it out, it's pretty funny!