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Altadena Foothills 4-H

since 2016


what is 4-H?

4-H is a non-profit, volunteer-managed youth development club. 4-H gives young people opportunities to learn skills and to build knowledge in a hands-on context, as well as affecting positive change in their community. 4-H has its roots in agricultural America and has been functioning since 1902. In Los Angeles county, it operates under the auspices of the UC Cooperative Extension. Altadena Foothills 4-H club chartered in the spring of 2016 and completed our first year of operation in June of 2017

when do you meet?

Club general meetings happen on the second Saturday of each month, except for July and August. Meetings have been held . General meetings are required for all members who wish to remain in good standing. Project meetings vary based on the design of individual project leaders. Leaders are not responsible for reminding families of meeting times. On occasion, a project leader may need to change a meeting, in which case she or he will let you know.

who can join? do i have to live in Altadena to be part of Altadena Foothills 4-H?

4-H is open to all youth aged 5-19, regardless of address.

how much does it cost?

Youth registration is $65. Approximately $54 of the registration fee goes directly to the county. Additional fees, called “club dues,” are determined by our club, and reflect our best estimation of materials expenses as well as a small amount toward the operation of our club. No profits are expected from registration fees. The $65 registration fee covers the member for that year academic year. Per county guidelines, the registration fee must be collected in cash or check by the club leader. Currently, there is no mechanism for online payment of registration fees. In addition, the club will offer a number of projects each year. Members must pay a project materials upon enrolling in that Project. The registration fee is paid only once per member, per academic year. Members are welcome to enroll in as many projects as they wish. To learn about current club projects, visit the "projects" page.

what happens in general meetings?

Club meetings are the CLUB part of 4-H! Members from the different project areas get together once a month to share what they did in their previous project meetings. They also learn how to conduct business, as general meetings are led by club officers (youth leaders). Club officers lead club members through the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H pledge. They also lead club members in team-building activities, planning community service projects, and club outings and outreach. There might be a guest speaker, a craft, or some other hands-on activity. Attendance at general meetings is required of members from all areas, except for cloverbuds (members 8 and under), who are welcome but not required to attend.

who are the 4-H adults?

The adults who lead 4-H are volunteers from Altadena and surrounding communities. Some are parents of 4-H youth members, and some are simply passionate about a specific topic or skill. They all love kids and want to make our community a better place. Every leader has been given an official 4-H orientation and has passed a background check.