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Message from the Club Leader

Par cours? Violin? Coding? In Southern California we have so many choices in opportunities to buy for our kids. But where do you get them goat, chicken or rabbits classes? Learn the basics of urban agriculture? Study veterinarian science? 4-H is a youth club here in Altadena that give kids ages 5-19 hands-on experiences they can’t get anywhere else.

And if our club’s project topics aren’t unique enough, the money you need to invest so your kids can experience these things really makes us stand out! This is because 4-H is 100% volunteer-run, and the time we invest as adults is where the value really lies. Kids in Altadena Foothills 4-H Club get hands-on experiences because caring adults in the community give their time to create memorable and empowering opportunities for our youth.

In a time when the cost of opportunity separates members of a community, Altadena Foothills 4-H brings together families from a variety of backgrounds—from public school to homeschool to private, progressive and parochial schools. What our families have in common is a desire to meet other community members who share the same interests (whether it’s backyard farming or public speaking and youth leadership) and to create something great in Altadena.

Last year we were the fastest growing club in LA County, attracting Altadena kids plus families from neighboring cities. As we head into our third year let’s keep building. Consider what you can do for your child, for your club, and for your community. Our youth are worth it!

Lynette Wiebe

Club Leader

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Club Officers 2017-2018

(Youth Members, Elections in November 2018)

President – Megan B

Vice President – Heather C

Secretary – Lina W

Treasurer – open

Reporter – open

Recreation Leader – open

Community Resources

(Adult Volunteers)

Club Leader – Lynette Wiebe

Community Resource – Marci Barrett, Jennifer Costanza, Cynthia Geng

Communications Resource – Magda McSparran

Community Service Resource – Lorna Brosio

Record Book Coach – Alison Johnson

Project Leadership

(Adult Volunteers)

Aquaponics – Jon Pylypchuk

Make Your Own Skincare – Stephanie Blank-Cheng

Chickens – Sarah Lloyd

Dairy Goats, Showmanship – Amelia McDonald

Farm-to-Table – Matt & Rebecca Tufenkian

Financial Literacy – Lisa Bailey

Hiking for Cloverbuds – Magda McSparran

Horses 1, 2, & 3 – Lisa Bailey, Meredith McKenzie

Leadership Project – Marci Barrett

Public Speaking -- Kirsten Hansen & Melinda Fayette

Rabbits, Showmanship – Mia White

Urban Agriculture – Amelia McDonald, Eve Kessler

Veterinarian Science – TBD with guest presenters